SGPA to Percentage Calculator
SGPA to Percentage Calculator

Hey buddies! Are you guys feeling lost while accumulating your percentage from SGPA? Trust me, you are not alone. Many students need help with this problem, thinking and looking for simple ways of conversion. They need help learning the calculation process of Percentage conversion. This tool is simple and a time saver for you. We also provide a simple guide to calculating Percentage with SGPA in this article, in case you want to learn it manually. 

What is SGPA?

Let’s first understand SGPAf before moving towards calculations. SGPA stands for Semester Grade Point Average. Now imagine this as your report card’s cool cousin; he is here to tell you how well you did in a single semester. Let’s make it simple to understand. It’s a grade average for one part of your academic journey.

So, you performed well in your exams and got decent grades but stumbled a bit in one subject. SGPA is here to sum it all up in a single number. It’s like simplifying your performance into a neat package. 

What is the Percentage??

Percentage is a word you must be familiar with from early school days. It is a universally accepted measure to judge one’s academic potential. It’s a simple way to show how much you scored out of total marks.

Allow us to illustrate with an example to enhance your understanding. If you scored 65 out of 100, your percentage is 65%. Simple. It’s like taking a slice of pizza from the whole pie. The percentage tells you how big your slice is compared to the delicious pizza. 

How do you calculate SGPA?

Steps to Calculate SGPA 

Here are the steps involved in calculating SGPA:

Grade Points: The grades that are assigned to students reflect their performance. For example, an “A” might be worth 9 grade points, a “B” could be 8 grade points, and so on.

Credit Hours: Each course also has a certain number of credit hours associated with it, representing the workload or the time commitment required for that course.

Calculation: The points of each course are multiplied by respective credit hours. Then, sum these values and divide the total by the total credit hours. This is how we get the Percentage.

Formula of SGPA

The formula for SGPA is often expressed as:

SGPA = Total Grade Points / Total Credit Hours

​Example of Calculation of CGPA 

Let’s understand it with the example

Here is a common scale for assigning points:


Now, assume you have completed five courses in a semester. 

 Your credit hours and grades are as follows:

Subject A – 4 credit hours – B (8 points)

Subject B – 3 credit hours – A (9 points)

Subject C – 3 credit hours – C (7 points)

Subject D – 4 credit hours – A (9 points)

Subject E – 2 credit hours – B (8 points)

CourseCredit HourGradePointsGrade Points
A4B84 * 8 = 32
B3A93 * 9 = 27
C3C73 * 7 = 21
D4A94 * 9 = 36
E2B82 * 8 = 16

Total Grade Points: 32 + 27 + 21 + 36 + 16 = 132

Total Credit Hours: 4 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 2 = 16

SGPA = Total Grade Points / Total Credit Hours

SGPA = 132 / 16 = 8.25

In this table:

  • The “Course” column lists the names of the courses.
  • The “Credit Hours” column shows all the credit hours linked to every class.
  • The “Grade” column displays the grades achieved in each class.
  • The “Grade Points” column shows the calculated grade points for each course.

The totals for Grade Points and Credit Hours are then used to calculate the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA). This table provides a structured view of the information and the steps involved in the SGPA calculation to make it easy to understand.

SGPA to percentage conversion chart:

SPGA Percentage

How to Calculate Percentage from SGPA? 

The conversion method of SGPA into percentages is simple to learn. You only need this one formula for conversion:

Percentage = (SGPA*10) – 7.5

Let’s continue by SGPA 8.25 calculated above

Percentage = (8.25 * 10) – 7.5 = 82.5 – 7.5 = 75%

And if your SGPA is 7.3, then

percentage = (7.3 * 10) – 7.5 = 73- 7.5 = 65.5%

How is this SGPA into Percentage Online Converter tool helpful?

If the SGPA to Percentage conversion procedure is hectic for you and bothering you anyway, don’t worry. We have brought a straightforward and easy-to-use conversion tool for you. There is no complication in using it. You have to put your SGPA, and the very next moment, you’ll see the percentage you acquire.

This Calculation tool is helpful in the following ways:

  • It converts your SGPA to a Percentage without any mistakes.
  • It’s a big time saver; you can get your percentage in the blink of an eye.
  • It’s online, so use it on your computer or phone whenever or wherever you are.
  • Say goodbye to math worries. Just type in your SGPA and let the tool do the rest.