Percentage to CGPA Calculator
Percentage to CGPA Calculator

Hey mate, are you worried about the complex conversion method of percentage to CGPA? Your institution has scored you in Percentage and now you are worried about converting it to CGPA. Relax and take a deep breath. Let’s start now! All you need to do is to put the percentage you have got in your school or college. Then select the CGPA scale in which you want to convert. Now press the enter button and here it is. Want to learn more? Keep reading! 

What is the Percentage?

The percentage is renowned globally for evaluating the performance of students. It has been used worldwide in schools, colleges, and universities for evaluation. The reason for its wide adoption is that everyone can understand it easily. Employers and companies also judge you by your percentage in your academic career. In many educational institutions, grades are often given in percentages. For example, you might score 80% in a subject. As a universal metric of measure, it creates a common ground for comparison. 

What is meant by CGPA?

Cumulative Grade Point Average is known as CGPA. It expresses your academic performance in numerics throughout a specific period in an institution. This period is usually an academic year or semester. CGPA is measured on different scales. The grading scale of CGPA is 10.0, 5.0 and 4.0. The CGPA ranges from 0 to 10 on a grading scale of 10 and 0 to 5 on a grading scale of 5. CGPA is the average of all grades that students have gotten in their college or school. These grades are A, B, C, D, E and F. 

What is the need to convert Percentage to CGPA?

Percentages show how well students did in each subject. While CGPA looks at everything together. It gives an overall summary of their performance. The conversion of percentages into CGPA is crucial for schools and employers to judge students fairly. This judgment helps when they are from different academic backgrounds. CGPA is like a summary of how well a student has been doing over time. grading systems can vary in the numerous institutes of the world. So, changing percentages into CGPA helps everyone understand and compare grades more easily. In simple words, turning percentages into CGPA helps create a fair and equal way to measure students’ performance in both school and work.

How to convert percentage into CGPA?

The formula of conversion is very simple to CGPA. It is a mathematical tool used to translate Percentage into Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). The formula for conversion can be given below:

CGPA = Percentage / 9.5

Suppose the percentage obtained in a subject is 85%. Now, applying the formula:

CGPA= 85% / 9.5​


So, if the student gets 85% then the percentage would be 8.95 on a 10-point scale.

Common percentage to CGPA Conversion Chart

The common conversion chart for a grading scale of 10.0 is given below. 


This is a common conversion table. It can vary in different institutions. So, it is recommended to check your school or college conversion standard to avoid miscalculation. 

Some Practical Tips

Check Your Institution’s Guidelines

Different institutions may have slight variations in the conversion formula. It is suggested to always check your institution’s guidelines for the right information.

Don’t Panic

The Conversion process from percentages to CGPA can seem daunting. But remember, it’s just a tool to help understand your performance better. Don’t stress too much over the numbers.