CGPA to Percentage Calculator
CGPA to Percentage Calculator

Are you guys struggling with converting CGPA to Percentage? Or, if you’re curious about learning the whole calculation process, don’t worry. A step-by-step guide is designed for you to make it easy to understand. Just keep reading!

What is CGPA? 

CGPA full form is Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is a way to measure how well you’re doing in all your classes at school or college. The higher your CGPA, the better you’re doing in your studies. It’s like a summary of your grades. If you get good grades in all your classes, your CGPA will be high, and if you struggle a bit, it might be lower. It helps people quickly understand how you’re performing overall in your studies without looking at each subject separately.

What are the steps to calculate CGPA?

CGPA calculation is a straightforward method; here is a step-by-step guide for you.

  1. Gather all the grades you have gained during your academic session in an educational institute. 
  2. Now, assign points to each grade you achieved in each subject. For example, 

A – 4

B – 3

C – 2

D – 1

F – 0

  1. Multiply the grade points by the credit hours of the course. 
  2. Add up all the subject grade points.
  3. Divide the total grade points by the total credit hours.

The Calculation of CGPA 

Let’s understand the calculation of CGPA with the help of an example:

CourseGradeCredit HoursGrade PointsSubject Grade Points
Subject AB339
Subject BA4416
Subject CC224
Subject DA3412

CGPA = total grade points / total credit hours

CGPA = 41/12 = 3.42

How to calculate percentage from CGPA?

Once you figure out how to calculate CGPA out of grades, you can now quickly transfer to Percentage. We are referring to a few steps you have to consider while converting to Percentage from CGPA.

  • First, know the CGPA scale your institution uses. For example, if it’s on a 10.0 scale or it’s on a 4.0 scale.
  • Now, understand the equivalent percentage scale. In many cases, a CGPA of 10 corresponds to 100%, and a CGPA of 0 corresponds to 0%.
  • Then, put the values in the formula, and you’ll get the Percentage. The formula for the Percentage is 

Percentage = (CGPA/CGPA Scale) * 100

CGPA into percentage calculation

Let’s carry forward the example of CGPA calculation given above to Convert CGPA into Percentage:

Here, the Grading Scale is 4.0

So, the Percentage will be

Percentage= 3.42/4 * 100  

Percentage = 0.855 * 100 = 85.5%

If the Grading scale is 10

Let’s assume CGPA 8.5

The Percentage of 8.5 will be

Percentage = 8.5/10 * 100

Percentage = 0.85 * 100 = 85%

Always use the specific scale your institution follows, as the conversion factors may differ. If your institution uses a 4.0 scale for CGPA or 10.00 scale, adjust the formula accordingly.

CGPA to percentage conversion table

Certainly! Using the formula given above, here is a table showing the conversion of CGPA to Percentage on a 4.0 scale:


What is the importance of calculating percentage from CGPA?

Percentages are important because many institutions and employers use percentage scores for assessing academic performance. The comparison and evaluation of students become easy on a standardized scale with the help of percentages. For example, when you are applying for jobs or higher education, they might ask for your scores in terms of percentages. The conversion of CGPA to percentage makes it easier to understand what you achieve academically. It is compared in a way that is commonly recognized. It’s like speaking the same language when sharing your academic accomplishments with others who might be using a percentage-based evaluation system.